Property Tax Billing

2024 property tax bills were committed August 24, 2023.

This bill covers the fiscal year 1 July 2023 through 30 June 2024. 
As per state law, the ownership and valuation of all real and personal property shall be fixed as of April 1 of each year. For this tax bill, that date is April 1, 2023. If you have sold your property since April 1, 2023 it is your obligation to pay this bill. You may want to forward this bill to the current property owners, but if it is not paid the lien will be placed against your name. 
If your mortgage holder pays your taxes, please review and forward a copy of your bill to them immediately.

Taxpayers will receive a 2% discount on the entire bill if paid in full by September 30, 2023.
Taxes are due January 31st, interest to any outstanding tax bills is applied February 1st (6%)
Taxes that are not paid by May will receive a 30-day-notice, and if not paid before then a municipal lien will be applied.
After three years of having a lien, properties become tax-acquired.

The Town of Enfield's 2024 Mil Rate is 16.44.