Property and Zoning Maps

Town of Enfield logo (6)For property tax maps as of April 1, 2021 in pdf file, CLICK HERE.

For GIS tax maps and property cards, CLICK HERE. Search by parcel ID, owner or account number.

For information regarding Septic System Plans recorded with the State of Maine, click here to use the online search tool.

To view a copy of the Shoreland Zoning map, CLICK HERE.

To view a copy of Wastewater Collection System maps, CLICK HERE. Original CAD drawings, includes all drawings.
To view a copy of Wastewater Collection System maps with sewer assets highlighted, CLICK HERE. These are the CAD drawings that display the location of the sewer assets along Enfield roads.

These are color coded as follows:
Catch basin = red
Manholes =green
Sewer main = light green
Forced main = magenta